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The Des Moines Legacy Foundation is pleased to announce that long time supporter and partner in helping Des Moines older adults, Comfort Keepers, had made a recent $1,000 donation to the foundation to continue our work with those less fortunate in Des Moines.

Since 1999, Des Moines Legacy Foundation has supported programs and services for youth, families, seniors and the arts in the Des Moines community. Comfort Keepers Home Care has been a strong partner with the Des Moines Legacy Foundation since 2005. Their purpose; to elevate the human spirit with quality of life in the sanctuary of your home ties beautifully with the mission of the Des Moines Legacy Foundation.

The Comfort Keepers donation will be used to support Des Moines Legacy Foundation projects specific to older adults in the Des Moines community.

PHOTOS: DMLF funds for Grace in Action wheelchair ramp for a Des Moines couple. Outdoor garden benches at the Des Moines Senior Center garden, one honoring long time senior center volunteer Keith Noess.

DMLF Helps Our Local Area Food Bank

The middle of a pandemic is a terrible time for a food bank to start losing crucial vehicles. But it's also an exceedingly good time to have friends such as the Des Moines Legacy Foundation.

When one of the Des Moines Area Food Bank's critical pick-up and delivery vehicles recently decided to give up the ghost, the scramble to find a replacement was rather brief for Executive Director Kris Van Gasken and Associate Director Barb Shimizu. Their friends at the Legacy Foundation quickly leapt into action and approved a $35,000 grant for the purchase of a 2019 Ford Transit Van to replace the 1988 clunker.

"We so appreciate the Legacy Foundation," Van Gasken said. "They've been supporting the community for years and are a great partner for the food bank."

Legacy President Gene Achziger said the decision to help "was a no-brainer. The Legacy Foundation has been building community through philanthropy for 20 years and coming to the aid of a fellow non-profit as it battles the impact of the coronavirus dovetails completely with our mission."

Shimizu predicted the new van "will have a long legacy of service" with the Food Bank. "We like to name our vehicles and we've already decided to name this one 'Legacy One.'"

In keeping with both organizations' focus on the community, the food bank made sure to buy locally. The van was secured through Rainier Truck and Trailer on Pacific Highway South. The company has been owned by the Recor family since 1993 and the local purchase will keep the sales tax money in Des Moines to further benefit the community.

The Food Bank has been providing food for families in need since 1966. Its service area includes the city of Des Moines, most of the city of SeaTac and parts of Normandy Park and Kent's West Hill. The number of new families has grown significantly as the coronavirus pandemic has put more and more families at risk. For many, it is the first time they have ever used a food bank.

Located in the basement of the Des Moines United Methodist Church, the Food Bank in open Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays from 9 to 11:45 a.m. It is also open the third Tuesdays of each month from 6 to 8 p.m. Long known for its regular food service, cooking class, garden truck, backpack, after-school meals and summer meals programs, the food bank is now stepping up to make sure that families who need help can continue to access food safely. "We are having folks wash their hands upon entry, asking them to wear masks, and working to maintain safe distancing," Van Gasken described. "We are prebagging some foods in order to speed up service but still maintaining an element of choice for fresh and frozen foods. For those who are more vulnerable and cannot safely enter the building, we are also offering orders to go on-line.

Operations Manager Ashley Moschel, left, Rainier Truck & Trailer owner Jeff Recor and Sales Manager Jeffrey Recor send Des Moines Area Food Bank Associate Director Barb Shimizu off on a test drive of the food bank's newest van. The van was a $35,000 gift from the Des Moines Legacy Foundation.

Des Moines Area Food Bank Executive Director Kris Van Gasken takes delivery of "Legacy One," the food bank's newest member of the agency's vehicle fleet thanks to a $35,000 grant from the Des Moines Legacy Foundation.


DES MOINES, WA -- Kids in Des Moines will have a new playground at Steven J. Underwood Park this year thanks to a $50,000 check delivered to the City of Des Moines last Friday by the Des Moines Legacy Foundation.

The money represents the community match to a $245,000 King County Youth and Amateur Sports Grant to build an inclusive playground at the park. Another $637,000, according to the City's 2020 budget, will come from Real Estate Excise Tax 2 funding.

"We are particularly proud that we were able to gain the support of King County to build an inclusive playground that enables children of different abilities to play together, ensuring no one is left out," said Gene Achziger, Legacy president.

Legacy's contribution is the first part of the Foundation's No Kids Left Inside project to raise private funds to help restore and place playground equipment at various City of Des Moines parks.

Achziger called the No Kids Left Inside initiative an example the importance the community places on parks and recreation, especially for children.

"After years of watching the city's playground equipment deteriorate and being told there were no funds to remedy the situation, Legacy formulated a plan that included raising money privately in order to meet the requirements of outside funders," he said.

"Someone had to step up to get the ball rolling and Legacy's efforts prove that the private sector of this community places a priority on its kids," Achziger said.

In addition to the Steven J. Underwood Park project, the Legacy Foundation has pledged another $25,000 towards the restoration of play equipment at Field House Park.

Des Moines Legacy Foundation and Grace in Auction "On the Job"

Des Moines Legacy Foundation continues to make a difference in helping those less fortunate in Des Moines", states legacy board member Sue Padden. Al Vraspir, coordinator for the all volunteer work team, Grace in Action, sent Sue photos recently of their almost finished ramp for an older couple in Des Moines. The funds for the construction and permit costs for the ramp were paid for by the Des Moines Legacy Foundation. Al is pleased to announce that enough funds remain for the construction of one more ramp.

Youth Experiential Training Institute (Y.E.T.I.)

Y.E.T.I. is a 501(c)(3) founded in 2009 serving students ages 5 to 18 in the South King County area from diverse ethnic, religious, and socio-economic backgrounds with meaningful, adventure-based experiences. We work hard to make outdoor recreation more accessible to all youth.Developing character, stewardship, and grit in ALL youth through challenging outdoor adventure.

Y.E.T.I believes that money should not stand between a child and a life changing outdoor experience. They operate on a pay-what-you-can model where you choose the price that best fits your budget. If you don't see a price that works for you, that's okay too. Y.E.T.I. will honor any amount you choose. Hiking, kayaking, camping, rock climbing, outdoor cooking and much more are offered through this program.. Necessary equipment is provided by a partnership with the local Mountaineers Club. States Legacy member Patrice Thorell," Y.E.T.I. is a perfect match to the mission of the Des Moines Legacy Foundation. Supporting low income youth in recreational opportunities is one of our highest priorities. We are so proud to support this local group."

King County Meals on Wheels program for Des Moines

For the second time in ten years, the Des Moines Legacy Foundation has donated funds to the King County Meals on Wheels program for Des Moines homebound seniors in need of nutritious meals. Legacy member Sue Padden, states," when I heard from one of the Des Moines meals on wheels volunteers that due to agency funding cuts there was now a five week waiting period for new meals on wheels clients, I knew the Legacy Foundation needed to step up again to help keep our local seniors from having to wait five weeks for critical nutrition to keep them home and healthy". In speaking with Adam Porter, director of the Sound Generations Meals on Wheels program for King County, he stated that ", the wait list is now 8-12 weeks, giving priority to rural, low income and clients of cultural diversity. Any help from local cities and foundations supporting older adults is so appreciated". With this donation, Des Moines homebound clients will not have to be put on the long waiting list for meals critical to their healing and health.

Des Moines Legacy Foundation Awards Funds to Mobile Dental Van

Continuing into our third decade of helping to make Des Moines a better community through parks, recreation and senior services, the Des Moines Legacy Foundation is proud to announce they they are awarding $2,000 to the Grace Lutheran Church sponsored Medical Teams International Dental Van in 2019. The funds will help support dental needs for low income seniors in the Des Moines community.

Sandra Bollinger, a volunteer dental van coordinator states, "we are so pleased to have been receiving the support for the senior dental needs from the Des Moines Legacy Foundations since 2008. It really helps us to meet the vital dental needs of Des Moines seniors who cannot afford regular dental office fees."

Sue Padden, a Des Moines Legacy director and retired senior services manager for the City of Des Moines acknowledges that", while the I was manager at the Des Moines/Normandy Park Senior Center, many of our regular participants benefited from the Medical Teams International dental van for their dental needs. The process is easy and the van is scheduled at least twice a month, with a total of 16 van visits in 2018."

The mobile dental van parks at Grace Lutheran Church at the corner of 24th Avenue and Kent/Des Moines Road.

For more information on the Mobile Dental Van, which provides dental services for all ages in the community, based on income, please contact Sandra Bollinger, 206-817-3698. Dental Van applications are also available at the Des Moines/Normandy Park Senior Center.

Marinascope Dedication

The dedication of internationally renowned glass artist George C. Scott's latest artwork came, fittingly, on a bright, sunny day that put its rainbow of colors on full display.

The 10-foot-high by six-foot-wide refurbished shipping lane buoy that is the frame of "Marinascope" was initially used in the construction of the Second Tacoma Narrows Bridge that was dedicated a dozen years ago. Scott rescued the derelict, pockmarked its exterior with portholes of varying size, and then powder coated it inside and out so as to withstand the elements. The holes were then filled with fused glass panels created by local residents.

The walk-through "Marinascope," is a larger-than-life kaleidoscope that reflects both history and the colors of nearby Puget Sound. And, to reflect the ever-changing nature of the waterfront, is a work-in-progress as Scott plans to add new features over time.

And as of May 11, is the latest addition to the community's Art on Poverty Bay project and is now the central focus of Des Moines' South Marina Park at the South 227th Street entrance to the Des Moines Marina.

The sculpture was envisioned in 2015 as a collaboration between community organizations, including the Des Moines Waterfront Farmers Market, to tell the story of the environmental, nautical and economic history of Des Moines Waterfront.

The project, commissioned by the Des Moines Legacy Foundation, was made possible with funding from the Port of Seattle ACE Grant, the City of Des Moines, the Des Moines Marina and Parks, Recreation and Senior Services Department, and the support of the Des Moines Historical Society, the Waterland Blog and from student and community member artists.

Many of those who had a hand in the project were on hand were in attendance at the ceremony May 11 when the community paid homage to two former Des Moines Legacy Foundation board members Nancy Stephan and the late Carmen Scott (no relation to the artist).

Just before Stephan and Carmen Scott's son, David Bonathan, cut the ribbon for the official dedication, Legacy Board Member Patrice Thorell described the impact of Stephan and Scott's tireless efforts to enhance the arts and preserve historic resources for the betterment of the community.

She said it has been Stephan's years-long passion to make Des Moines a place for great art. As an arts commissioner, including a stint as chairman, Stephan researched how to create a temporary outdoor sculpture garden, based on other highly successful projects in communities such as Puyallup.

Stephan established a process for jurying and selecting the art and proposing locations for the plinths for the highest viability and economic impact. She then began fundraising for the project. The Art on Poverty Bay outdoor sculpture project was born in 2013 and is now in its fourth sculpture rotation.

Every two years, the temporary sculptures that have not been acquired by the Legacy Foundation or City are rotated out of the collection.

Thorell mused that the sculpture project only came into existence because Stephan is "an inspirational leader for the arts in Des Moines, who is not afraid to ask for money."

As for the late Carmen Scott, representatives of the Legacy Foundation and the Waterfront Farmers Market began discussions with George C. Scott five years ago to create a public artwork as a tribute to Carmen Scott's dedicated service to the community. She died Nov. 28, 2014.

Thorell described the former City councilwoman's love of the City's historic Beach Park and waterfront on the Puget Sound that is the inspiration for the "Marinascope" sculpture.

Carmen Scott worked tirelessly to protect the city's historic Beach Park and promoted the listing of the historic district on the State and National Historic Places registers. She was a community historian and a professional photographer, and her photos of Des Moines are published in tourism magazines and on websites regionally. She was also a tireless promoter of the community, Thorell said.

She was also known for her meticulousness.

Her son, David Bonathan, joked that even as the dedication ceremony was underway, she would have been fussing over the placement of each glass panel.

As the ceremony was wrapping up, former Senior Services Manager for Des Moines Sue Padden glanced skyward through misty eyes and assured bystanders that "Carmen's here."

Des Moines Legacy Foundation Awards Funds to Key to Change Music Program

The board of directors of the Des Moines Legacy Foundation voted at their March meeting to approve a proposal from the Key to Change organization to provide free to low cost music lessons in Des Moines for fiscal year 2019. Headed by Dr. Quinton Morris, the program will use the $3,000 award to provide violin and viola lessons to low income students who live in Des Moines and attend either middle school or high school. Key to Change is focused on supporting students in South King County with the gift of music.

Dr. Quinton Morris enjoys a multifaceted career as a concert violinist, chamber musician, educator and entrepreneur. He performs solo concerts/recitals and chamber music and presents lectures all over the world: the United States, Europe, Africa, Asia, Australia and the Middle East. Notable solo concerto performances are the Seattle, Thalia, Renton, Tacoma Youth and South Suburban Symphonies, Orchestra Seattle and the Everett Philharmonic.

Dr. Morris has received numerous honors and awards including the Puget Sound Business Journal's "40 Under 40 Award" for esteemed leaders and entrepreneurs in Seattle, the Seattle University Alumni Association's Outstanding Academic and Arts Faculty Award, and the Seattle Mayor's Arts Award. He has also won awards at the Boston Conservatory Chamber Music Honors Competition and the Louisiana Junior Philharmonic Orchestra Young Artists' Concerto Competition.

Dr. Morris serves as the Director of Chamber and Instrumental Music and Associate Professor of Violin and Chamber Music at Seattle University. Since coming to the university 2007, Dr. Morris has successfully transformed a nascent Music Division into a community of artists that serves as a center for talented music faculty and students to grow, learn and foster their music education and talent. He wrote and designed the Bachelor of Music degree and curriculum, recruited music faculty and students and brought in professional musicians to provide guest artist performances and educational residencies. He is the first music professor in over 25 years (and the second living African-American violinist in United States history) to receive tenure and promotion. He also serves on the summer faculties for the Evergreen and Summit Music Festivals and a board member of Artist Trust.

Dr. Morris began his studies at Xavier University of Louisiana. He holds a Bachelor of Music degree from The North Carolina School of the Arts and a Master of Music degree from The Boston Conservatory. He earned the Doctor of Musical Arts degree at The University of Texas at Austin.

Other local non profits supporting this non profit include the Rotary Club of Renton, Allied Arts Foundation and 4Culture. For more information on the Key to Change project for Des Moines please contact Dr. Quinton Morris,

Midway Park Community Garden (MPCG)

Midway Park Community Garden (MPCG) is new as of 2018 to Des Moines. It was developed with the hope it would be a space that brought more people out to Midway Park and allowed for increased opportunities for neighbors to get to know each other, and it has definitely found success in just that! Not only is MPCG a place for adults to come and putter around in, but the children of the neighborhood love being able to explore planting, watering, and trying things fresh from the beds. Located in the Pacific Ridge neighborhood, the existing beds are based on a sharing garden model – the motto is "take a little, leave a little." We plant based on input that is gathered from residents of the area and then what grows is free for anyone that is visiting Midway Park to take home.

We're excited to be expanding Spring 2019 with the addition of a children's bed and additional beds that will be for families/individuals from the neighborhood to use for the season along with a small stipend to get it growing. The garden is very thankful and proud to have the support of the Des Moines Legacy Foundation for the second year. We hope to keep this garden growing and add more opportunities for gardening around town in the future. Please stay tuned for updates and more by following the garden's Facebook Page.

Des Moines Legacy Foundation Annual LEGACY Award

2018 Des Moines Legacy Award goes to volunteer youth sports coach David Rahn - the 2018 Legacy Award winner.

Named by the board of directors, David was presented with a trophy in the form of a glass flame, signifying the positive force of an outstanding community volunteer in serving the needs of our community through selfless leadership. The presentation took place July 11 during the opening of the 2018 Summer Concert Series at Beach Park.

David has been a volunteer coach in the Des Moines Parks, Recreation and Senior Services youth sports programs for the past decade. Helping to shape local youth not only into better-skilled players, but better teammates and human beings. During his tenure David has coached hundreds of children in multiple sports, truly making a difference in the lives of children in the Des Moines area. David instills in his youth how to be a model citizen, a contributing member of the community and a good teammate.

He is just one of the many fantastic people who inspire and mold both the character and future of our children through parks and recreation. These mentors and leaders come from all walks of life, never failing to provide enthusiasm, and guidance. Coaches are some of the most selfless, giving and incredible people who have an enduring influence on the lives of all with whom they come in contact. Being a coach, for any sport, at any level, is a daunting challenge and requires absolute commitment and dedication. David has taken on this challenge time and time again. Never once has he denied a player access to a team he has coached; in fact, David has been accepting of any player regardless of age, gender, race or athletic ability as long as they were able to be on a city team. David serves as an example of selflessness and passion; an example carried on by all those he has taught on and off the sports surface. For his tenacious commitment, the employees of Des Moines Parks, Recreation and Senior Services are thankful.

Nomination forms for the 2019 Legacy Award will be available in January.

Des Moines Legacy Foundation LEGACY Award 2017

Congratulations to Laura Hartema. She has been chosen by the Des Moines Legacy Foundation board of directors to receive the foundation's inaugural LEGACY Award. The award is in the form of a glass flame, signifying the positive force of an outstanding community volunteer in changing the needs of our community through selfless leadership through parks, recreation and senior services.

Laura has been the director of Friends of Des Moines Creek for nearly two decades. Her focus has been on protecting the stream buffer, removing invasives and replanting with native plants to reduce erosion, protect trees from English ivy, and improve fish and wildlife habitat.

Laura, a vivacious woman, was surprised by the award. "Being a local ecologist, I enjoy the many volunteers who pitch in to improve our community and Des Moines Creek. All types have volunteered, from high schools, colleges, churches, and other community groups. It is a tough task to control invasive, non-invasive vegetation along the creek and maintain a healthy buffer. Native plants help prevent erosion, improve water quality, and provide shade and cover for salmon."

Laura maintains a volunteer website and has contributed various Ask an Ecologist articles for the Des Moines City Currents magazine for the past two years. I asked Laura what she wanted to convey to the community about preserving the environment; "I write articles to bridge the environment with our community," she answered. "I want to show people how their actions matter. Each of us can do a small part to care for and maintain a healthy environment. We live in a small community, but collectively, we make up a greater planet."

I was delighted to learn she has written a book. "I spent three months as the sole woman scientist working alongside twenty-five men on a commercial fishing vessel in Alaska," Laura said. "My memoir is titled, "Bering Sea Strong: Sometimes A Woman Has to Board a Fishing Boat to Find Herself." When the book comes out in March 2018, I will look for it on Amazon. To follow Laura and her progress, go to

We feel lucky and appreciative to Laura for giving her expert knowledge and labor to make a difference in our community's environment. The Des Moines Legacy Foundation is to be complimented for recognizing and publicly awarding a special award to a volunteer like Laura Hartema. Thank you Laura,from all of us.

Laura was presented her LEGACY Award at the first Des Moines Arts Commission Summer Concert, Destination Des Moines Smoke on the Water BBQ, and Des Moines Legacy Foundation's Bids for Kids at Des Moines Beach Park on Wednesday evening, July 12th by president of the Des Moines Legacy Foundation, Gene Achziger. 2018 LEGACY Award nomination forms will be available to the community in January 2018.
Written by: Lillian Claunch

Des Moines Legacy Foundation Launches a Citywide Playground Project Community Campaign

The Des Moines Citywide Playground Project approved by City Council in March of this year will provide the designs to repair and replace play structures at seven of Des Moines Parks and to create a new play area at Steven J. Underwood Memorial Park. This action is the first of many steps that will be taken within the next three years to restore City's aging park play areas.

Playground Challenges
The play equipment located at Cecil Powell Neighborhood Park was removed due to safety concerns in 2013 and the neighborhood has asked for the equipment to be replaced. The removal of play equipment at Kiddie Park, Westwood Park and Wooton Park is also eminent, likely within the next year or two. And, there is strong community support for play areas to be installed at Des Moines Beach Park where the play area was removed over a decade ago due to flooding and infrastructure repairs and at Steven J. Underwood Memorial Park where a play area has not been installed due to lack of funding. The City's challenge is the lack of funding resources to make the necessary improvements.

The removal of the Cecil Powell Park play area is a big loss to my neighborhood. It was the safe gathering place where my family and neighbors met to play and get to know each other. The removal of the play structure was devastating to me and my sense of community. That is why my family and Powell Homes have made contributions to the Legacy Foundation to help to have it replaced.
— Brandie Holmes- Neighborhood Park Advocate

Tree of Life!

The Des Moines Legacy Foundation is excited to announce we have purchased The Tree of Life, a beautiful piece of art that resides outside of the Des Moines Activity Center off of 216th Street in Des Moines. The piece of art was created by local artist Kris Vermeer.

We purchased, The Tree of Life, for its beauty, location and specifically because of the title and what the Des Moines Legacy Foundation helps provide at the activity center for senior adults. It fits perfectly with part of our mission which is to "Improve, and create community and park and recreation services."

Kris has stated "It's an honor to have the Tree of Life be part of Des Moines!" and we couldn't agree more!

Meals on Wheels Freezers!

The Des Moines Legacy Foundation plays a large role in our cities Meals on Wheels for Seniors Program. This program is housed and run out of the Des Moines Activity Center. We purchased a large freezer back in 2012 and donated it to the program. The Meals on Wheels Program has grown with more need for meals and we have just purchased and donated ANOTHER freezer to accommodate the growing demand! We are proud to help such a worthy program provide nutritious meals to seniors in need!

Coloring Books & Mosaics Class!

The Des Moines Legacy Foundation supports many Senior Activities by purchasing and donating classes, training, materials and supplies for Seniors at the Des Moines Activity Center. Our latest activities include a 6 week Mosaics Class at the Des Moines Activity Center where seniors will be taught skills and techniques and then actually create their own small mosaics! Another activity adventure includes Adult Coloring Books and scheduled Coloring Book Time at the Activity Center so Seniors can ease stress, unplug, relax or mingle with friends! All of these activities are offered to our Seniors at little or no cost to those participating!

Feel Good Friday Segment on King5 News

Featuring one of our volunteers, Dick Body, and his participation in the Meals on Wheels Program that runs out of the Des Moines Activity Center and is supported in part by the Des Moines Legacy Foundation.
See King5 Video

Our nutrition program volunteers are HAPPY with our new 2015 Vulcan Stove purchased with Bayside Brunch Funds by the Des Moines Legacy Foundation. Installed Sunday, May 3, at Des Moines/Normandy Park Senior Activity Center, the new stove replaces a 1964 stove that was way past its prime to cook daily nutritious meals for seniors sixty and older. THANK YOU DES MOINES LEGACY FOUNDATION AND TO ALL OF OUR BAYSIDE BRUNCH SUPPORTERS…..especially Anthony's HomePort!!

Des Moines Legacy Foundation Funds Dance for Parkinsons

Recent participant surveys from the Des Moines Legacy Foundation funded Dance for Parkinson's class share the following highly rated comments:

"I have a greater sense of body control, strength and flexibility, I have enjoyed the social engagement and meeting new people in the classes, My mental and physical health and well being has improved, I feel more positive in my daily life, I connected with my imagination and creative side; I would enjoy taking more Dance for Parksinson's classes."

Dance for Parkinson's is an eight week free program for senior adults who have movement issues. Taught by professional dancers from Seattle Theatre Group, the program is in its fourth year in Des Moines, held at Des Moines/Normandy Park Activity Center. Offered three sessions per year, the music is "live" and so is the laughter!

Sonju Community Garden Partners With United Way for the 2014 Day of Caring

Eighty-six volunteers from the Sonju Community Garden, Microsoft, and King County Library Systems worked all day Friday, September 19, to clear brush, pick apples, make new pea patch plots, and paint two fantastic art windows on the barn. Thanks to their efforts, the garden and orchard are tidy and ready for winter. Partnerships such as this, in addition to our sponsorship by the Des Moines Legacy Foundation and other community members, and the City of Des Moines, make our garden grow! Thank you!

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Des Moines Arts Commission

The Des Moines Legacy Foundation is proud to be a sponsor of the Des Moines Beach Park Summer Concerts. Funds from the Des Moines Legacy Foundation paid for the Honor Aging Mural in downtown Des Moines.
  • Rotating Sculpture Project
  • Summer Concerts in the Park (Des Moines Beach Park)
  • Honor Aging Mural in downtown Des Moines

Park Improvements

Park improvements in Des Moines are a top priority to ensure our foundation's vision and mission. We are proud of what the foundation has provided to date:
  • Grandstand at Field House Park
  • Steven J. Underwood Ball field
  • Big Toy playground at Water Tower Park
  • Memorial Bench program
  • Grants for improvements at Midway Park, Wooton Park, Des Moines Beach Park and Des Moines Field House

Facility Improvements

Funds provided by the foundation have built improved and enhanced additions to the activity center:
  • Large outdoor patio and public garden
  • Outdoor patio furniture
  • Storage closet addition
  • Flag pole

Equipment and Supplies

Des Moines Legacy Foundation works hard to provide equipment and supplies critical to our parks, recreation and senior services programs, when city funds are not available.
  • Washer/dryer for the senior center nutrition program
  • New freezer for the Meals on Wheels program
  • Medical lending equipment for the lending closet at the senior center
  • New coffee system for the senior center
  • Emergency kits for low income seniors
  • Defibrillators for the Field House and the Activity Center
  • Wheelchair restraint system for the Senior Shuttle transportation program
  • Fourteen passenger bus for the recreation and senior services programs
  • Support and staffing for the Food Bank summer lunch programs
  • Community Reader Board at the activity center
  • Senior softball team equipment
  • New 55" smart TV for the activity center Wii athletes
  • Lobby furniture for the activity center
  • Special event supplies and equipment
  • Special chair for senior foot care program


  • Dance for Parkinson's
  • Youth Recreation scholarships
  • Seniors Creating art
  • Hot Lunches and Meals on wheels healthy food supplements at Des Moines Senior Center
  • Medical Lending
  • Participation scholarships for older adults
  • Volunteer Appreciation
  • Senior Dental Screenings
  • Senior HYDE shuttle transportation
  • Senior Sunday Dances
  • Take Back Your Meds
  • Senior foot care scholarships

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